Ashes & Yarrow

(Music: Hiroaki Kato / Words: Natasha Vaichuk)

A silent star, fading afar
Tears of sadness remaining
In tainted bars left with the scars
Fears of madness enchaining

In monotone, left all alone
Seeds of sorrow constraining
Ashes blown, shades of the undertone
In front of this empty throne

Take my hand
We walk through the sand
The seeds of sorrow kill tomorrow
Take my hand
In this motherland
We hold this Yarrow, ‘til the end

Still left in anguish, without true command
The land that we cherish, remains of a new demand
This key, how many times will they not see?
Before the evil takes a fall
Into the black and the grey we vanish

Take my hand
We face no-man’s-land
Take my hand
Will we understand?
We hold this Yarrow, ‘til the end… until the end