Cry Havoc

(Music: Hiroaki Kato / Words: Natasha Vaichuk)

Walking through the filthy rain
Searching for hope but find pain
What have we done to divine creation?
Another mass destruction

Into the black
Marching our way into where demons cry
Before you know
We’ll burn in flames of sorrow

Over and over
When it’s fading away
Chaos and order
Will you feel the dismay?

Reaching for the dirty scheme
You bring to light this sad dream
Time only flows to termination
Moving with no solution

Turning away
Closing your eyes to the reality
Before we know
We’ll lie in the dust of this sorrow

Over and over
You just keep asking why
We’re crying havoc
But you hide it with lies
Don’t you hear it now…

This day, we sail astray
In vain, we’re taking a stand to stop the falling rain
This day, we sail astray
We fall, but no one can see the writings on the wall