Hymn to the Fallen

(Music: Hiroaki Kato / Words: Mutsumi Tanamura/Natasha Vaichuk)

How do you believe what you see
Rising stern in the wind
What you seek is eternity?
A season gone, now begins

How do you perceive what you see
Tears erode you to sand
Slow but sure, till you cease to be
Yet firmly still there you stand
Proud and clear
Knowing the end is drawing near

Will all be unsound?
How many stories told of rises and falls?
We wish time could be unwound
Waiting on a noble call

The seasons gone and the kingdom come
Foretold in no written pages
Here ends undone
Our search through the ages

Will all be unsound?
So many stories told of rises and falls
No tears left but to frown
For those who’ve fallen

If eyes for eyes pay the price
What sacrifice could break this cage of ice?

I know you’re weeping yet you’re too distant to see
I hear your laughing “Ha-ha- ha!” right in front of me

Lost are the souls
So pure and beautiful
We’re only shells remaining
Of fruits of egos overgrowing

Once were the smiles
How sweet, now cynical
Sorrow unseen yet reigning
We rack this planet, never knowing
It’s all by us