ProgPower USA XVI – Compilation

ProgPower Compilation

ProgPower USA XVI – Compilation Album – 2015

1.Kamelot – Insomnia
2.Leprous – Rewind
3.Jim Springer – Forbidden Love
4.Seven Spires – The Cabaret of Dreams
5.Burning Point – Find Your Soul
6.Neal Schon – Cuban Fly Zone
7.Metal Allegiance – Can’t Kill the Devil
8.Lords Of The Trident – Knights of Dragon’s Deep
9.Arcane – Instinct
10.Viathyn – The Coachman
11.Odin’s Court – And the Answer Is…
12.D.A.M – The Great Work (Magnum Opus pt I)
13.Ibridoma – Land of Illusion (feat.Fabio Lione)
14.A Sound Of Thunder – Tower of Souls
15.Subterranean Masquerade – Early Morning Mantra

1.Constantine – Remedy
2.Novareign – Call on the Storm
3.Jaded Star – The Mask
4.Symphony X – Nevermore
5.Sunless Sky – Sub-Zero
6.Next To None – Lost
7.Enceladus – Seven Year Solstice
8.The Evenfall – It Must Not Rain
9.Flying Colors – Bomb’s Away
10.Dark Avenger – Parasite
11.Kindler – Cosmic Revelations
12.EARLY CROSS – Let It Die (Alea Iacta Est)
13.21 Octayne – Devil In Disguise

1.Stream Of Passion – Monster
2.Borealis – The Chosen One
3.Chaos Frame – Terra Firma
4.Fierce Atmospheres – Forsaken
5.Simulacrum – Sky Divided
6.Riverside – Discard Your Fear
7.Fahrenheit – Wheelchair
8.Lord – Final Seconds
9.Klogr – Breaking Down
10.Temperance – Burning
11.Lechuga – The Search
12.Sicocis – Beyond the Quantum Waves
13.Teramaze – Out of Subconscious
14.Civil War – Bay of Pigs

CD compiled by Tess Jensen
Mastered by Lance King at Nightmare Records
Layout & design by Claus Jensen at Intromental Design Agency
Logo by Wayne Joyner