EARLY CROSS Announces New Vocalist

EARLY CROSS Announces New Vocalist

EARLY CROSS regrets to announce that the band has parted ways with the vocalist Elena. She decided to leave the band as she had been facing difficulties having enough time to focus on her music career for personal reasons.

We have shared good times with Elena since she joined the band-on tour in Kansai area, shows supporting progressive metal band DGM from Italy, etc.-she brought a lot of excitement and enjoyment to both the band and fans.

All remaining members of EARLY CROSS would like to express their appreciation for her contributions to the band and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Now EARLY CROSS welcomes Canadian vocalist Mel to carry on more aggressively. We already have shows confirmed in early 2016, plans for recordings, tours and more-so stay tuned!

Our annual Christmas EP “December’s Cross: Comet” featuring the band’s first recording with Mel will be out very soon. We hope you’ll enjoy the EP as much as we enjoyed making it!

Merry Xmas!!


[Message from Mel]

“Dearest fans of EARLY CROSS,
Hi, my name is Mel. I was born in Canada and I live in Tokyo now. It is my great pleasure to be joining this amazing band.
I hope that you will accept my vocals. I love this music as much as you do I hope and I will do my best to bring you more excellent music, that honors EC’s past and take us in new directions. I look forward to singing for you. I would love your feedback, so I can earn your trust!
Thank you very much for supporting us!”

December’s Cross: Comet (Trailer)